WFB 3rd Edition in 10/12mm

Latest unit done, no idea if they will be any use, but the concept of fast mobile archers seems sound.



reminds me I've never read Malleus Maleficarum... my latin is far from good enough to read it though... Meant to be a pretty good read.. (sorry, just reminded by cause Kemmler is loosely based (well, his name) on nutjob Heinrich Kramer, who wrote Malleus Maleficarum, a kinda anti-daemon guide which the evil women of the world were the villians and must be wiped out or put under male control.. the inquisition (this was.. 15th century) didn't think much of the book despite the view being.. kinda there one ^_^ I know about it and stuff and meant to give it a fun read sometime..


Just read the translated version. I have that. Needed it for an old RP campaign about dream intruding spirits I ran in the 90s!


gonna have to look into that. wonder how good the translation is.. I know many of the translations of the Divine Comedy are pretty ropey at best.. Hell, my copy of the Neverending story could have slightly better translation in places, but on the whole appears fine (without learning more german and going though the original copy)
Samantha likes making her vampires go ethereal as they are way harder to kill, so I have painted her some ethereal versions.

For my WFB 3rd Edition in 10/12mm.


With there not being a 10mm Plague Cart available I had to make my own.

Not quite like the original but close enough for the effort and obviously still a Plague Cart.




nice ^_^ Cart looks fine to me.
I like the idea of 'effect' versions of minis to show different things but rarely have enough minis to do that with ^_^ For the vampires, That looks really good on them.