Oldhammer 'Legacy Warband' - would you be interested?


Hi all!

For the last 3 years I've been running annual legacy Blood Bowl teams over on the Talk Fantasy Football forums (the legacy team project has actually been running for 11 consecutive years). The concept is simple; the race, colour scheme and basing are decided by popular vote, then anyone interested in participating contributes a painted figure. On receiving all contributions, all the names of the contributors are put in a hat and the winner gets the entire team.

This is the result of the TFF 2013 Legacy team project:

So...would people be interested in trying to replicate this approach to build a community Oldhammer warband over the course of 2014?

I would be happy to co-ordinate, assuming there was enough interest, with the first step to poll the race of the warband.

What do people think?


Yes I'm interested depending on how restrictive it is. I hate to be forced to add say a expensive figure just because I'm happened to randomly draw a lord on dragon/monster though.


I would be intersted though I'm actually involved in the "how to oldhammer" and "RoC warbands" challenges atm, if timing's right, I can sure paint one model to put in the pot !

On another hand I wish wa had finished some of th eother challenges before (looks at an old dusty knight thread...) :grin:

Anyway, group projects are fun projects, especially if yo get to win a whole band !

Fimm McCool

I'm still halfway through the knight project, well okay, not halfway! And accepted the RoC warband challenge so sadly can't really take on anything else right now. :(


All valid thoughts!

I envisage the end result as a little warband of perhaps 10-15 models, with a skirmish type feel (Mordheim esque to use a modern analogy), which perhaps might also double as a regiment of renown.

I think free choice works best; e.g. If we chose an wood elf theme, contributors would be free to choose an elf warrior, archer, mage, bear, wardancer, eagle, dryad or whatever else grabbed their fancy.

As for timings & workload, we've given ourselves 10 months over at TFF...this is a deliberately slow burn approach to allow people to fit in contributions as suits. There is no reason why this couldn't run until Christmas.

And yes JB, I do need to finish my knight - he keeps giving me looks from my shelf!


If it's free choice based on a theme then Aye I'm in for sure :)

Can I recommend a quicker time frame though? Maybe 3 months? Plenty of time for a single figure. Then you could theme each round to a season, such has spring elfs or winter orcs.


Jon, you know any modelling project you come up with, I'll have to join in... Let's make ourselves a nice war band !


I've participated back when it was tbb. Count me in!

Regarding time frame December sounds great! Annually is best for this type of thing...

Zhu Bajie

axiom":1ksez126 said:
Great! Looks like we have a live project :)

I'll sort out a race poll.

I'm probably definitely in if its a mixed race fellowship / RoC warband type deal :)

I probably might be in, race / interest depending!


Good stuff everyone - looks like we have 12 expressions of interest...that would make a nice little warband.

Just to clarify the process, here's a step by step of how it will work:

Step 1: determine race by popular vote (poll now live).

Step 2: 'sign up' in a sign-up and progress thread (TBA). This will set out the parameters of how it all works in a bit more detail, including timeframes. It will also be the point where you state what particular model you want to contribute, whether it's a dwarf slayer or chaos warhound, depending on the race we choose.

Step 3: determine colour scheme. To attempt visual coherency, we'll vote for primary and secondary colours to be used. As an example, if red as selected the primary colour, a chaos warrior might have red armour, while a beastman might have red cloth and shield. If yellow was selected as the secondary colour, the chaos warrior's armour trim might be yellow, while the beastman might have a yellow design on his shield.

Step 4: convert, paint & share progress. I suspect some folks might want to convert a unique model, others may carefully select one of their favourites, whereas others might just pick a random suitable model from their leadpile. All are welcome! Complete the model as you see fit; sharing pictures as you go along.

Step 5: send in your model.

Step 6: winner is determined by lottery; they then get sent the warband to display, use in games or simply gloat about!