Vulture Warriors for BOYL15

Having had a look at the plan for tables at this years BOYL there seems to be a fair bit of space on the Sunday. If I build the Orky base and supply the figures, is anybody up for playing the Vulture warriors from dimension X etc scenario?
Fairymuff! Ok I shall build the base and the forces and see if we can squeeze it in. I'll have a look at the force roster and see if I have enough figures.
I've got loads that'll do for the troubleshooter, just need to convert a couple for heavy weapon types, then it's just orks that I should have painted ages ago anyway. The only things I really need are the two droids.


Does it help if I bring these guys ? I can probably paint a robot too...



Looks good, would definitely play if timetabling permits. I have a single Red troubleshooter (the one laden down with all the equipment), if that's any use.


I can supply all the required orcs with the correct equipment and correct numbers. Not as nicely painted as Assless's though. However I do think I could get them looking nicer quite quickly.
I may have some paranoia figures somewhere though you have a few blue/ultraviolet painted up already don't you WP?

We could certainly try the scenario beforehand.
If you've got the figures ready to go, Erny, that'd certainly take the pressure off. It'd be cool if you dig out the paranoia figures as well. I've got an idea of which figures I can use for a variety of characters but we'll see what we can pull together.

I'm happy to run the game multiple times over the weekend so we can book in times and stuff as we get closer. It doesn't take up a massive table or anything so it shouldn't be too hard to squeeze in somewhere.

Here's what I've got done today.



I'll be up for this. :)

Over the last year i've collected the Paranoia range so i'm sure i can cover the Loyal Servants of the Computer to spread the load a little. They're all primed, it'll be good to have a painting deadline.

The Computer is my Friend.


I'm loyal. I will be there.

I don't have any photos to hand, but they all need painting. How about these?

Troubleshooter team
Gone-R-USS 3 Flamer, Autogun Alan-RRR-4
Toys-R-USS-2 Missile laucher Trooper testing RXD laser
2 Red level citizens (lasguns) Tomk-r-bee, Barb-r-ella

IntSec Blue
Nevo-U-MYN-4 Laspistol, displacer field Blue Trooper officer
Watt-I-WHO-6 Laspistol, displacer field Guard Officer
Jhani-B-GUD-4 Meltagun Blue trooper with neuro whip
Moe-B-DIK-2 Heavy Plasma Gun Blue Trooper guard
We-B-BAD-3 Webber, Bolt Gun Wee-B-Bad

Bot support
Tim R-USS-2 Laspistol, Combot control Iam-t-erri-fied-7
Gen-R-USS-2 Laspistol, Docbot control Smi-ly-8
Cind-R-BLK-1 Lasgun Flashgo-r-den

Combot Model F-4 Combot RR-7

Docbot Model 360 Docbot 674-9

There are photos here
If you're coming and you're happy to get them painted then between you and Erny we've got the figures covered and that takes all the pressure off me! yay!


My pleasure. That board looks very promising.

I'll keep you updated, but they look fun to paint.