The Greatest Battle Report of 2017: Nominations

Zhu Bajie

As we're coming to the close of the year, I thought it might be fun to look back at some of the great batreps that peeps have been doing throughout the year.

Works something like this:

1. Nominate a great battle-report.
1.1 Must be relevant to Oldhammer in some way, be it old-school rules, miniatures or whathaveyou.
1.2 Must be published (not necessarily played) this year - 2017.
1.3 Must be publicly accessible on a blog or this forum or wherever,
1.4 It can be your own, someone else's.
1.5 Just add a link to this thread, by 20th December,
2. Vote for the best - I'll compile a poll of all the nominations around 11th of December
3. Win the winner then has the honour of sticking the 'the Greatest Battlereport 2017' graphic on their blog or just basking in the glory of well earned adoration and going down in the annals of history.

Let the well documented, entertainingly written and presented battle commence!

Current Nominations

1. Meeting by the Standing Stones - Golgfag
2. Pitch Invasion - Nico
3. Trouble at Fur Traders Hut -vonkortez
4. Graveskul, Hit the Beach! - airbornegrove26
5. The Eternal Champions Gathering - Asslessman
6. Shadows Under Bogenhaced - Asslessman
7. Guramm's Last Stand - Iannick
8. The Hellgate - Katsuhiko JiNNai
9. Project Iowa Episode 9: Knockout punch - SymphonicPoet
10. Tilea #8 - Padre


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OK, given the drubbing I took in the Golden Goblin (No hard feelings Rob, honest) I'll throw my hat into the ring for this one, a early contribution in February this year - A meeting by the standing stones (A tight spot) viewtopic.php?f=15&t=9948 Ably developed and Gm'd by the other Paul/Grumdril one Friday night at Abingdon Wargames Club, when I was placed in a very tight spot between Gaj & Mubo!

This time I might actually vote for myself.

Paul / Golgfag1


Such a great idea Zhu! :)

I submit a funny battle report of a scenario I took in the "Herault Citadel" (French Citadel miniatures magazine from 80's), I modified the original scenario at 80%. I played it 3 times with differents group of friends, this battle report is the last game at the Oldhammer Day France this year.

Warhammer battle scenario - Pitch invasion !
Some month of works, for building sceneries and for painting miniatures. I used the WHFB 3rd ed rules and managed the scenario as Game Master.

Good reading !

The scenario
The opposing factions
The special guests
The battle report



Can i chuck 2 nominations into the ring?. Two people spring to mind not just for the reports they have done this year but for the fact that they have build and played fantastic campaigns that not only have great narratives but are presented brilliantly as well as being very entertaining. The first is Symphonicpoets' Project Iowa, i'd like to include his Episode 9: Knockout punch And also Pardre who has been producing fantastic reports for eons. Can i put forward his Tilea (IC2401) #8 ?. Both are great reports in their own right but part of two great story arcs.

Zhu Bajie

Wargh! What a great list of nominations, glad to see some of my favourites in there too, saved me from having to add them.

I've compiled a handy list in the first post. Considering closing the nominations phase a little early and going to the voting stage, so if you have any more nominations get them in quick!

Fimm McCool

I will confess to always skipping over the battle reports section... this will be a good opportunity to catch up on the best of the year! :)

Zhu Bajie

Yeah Fimm. Spreading the Battle Report love is the name of the game. There are some great photos, stories and creativity going on, definitely worth pouring over on a cold winters evening!

Nominations are now closed.

Please, read through the nominations and cast your vote: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=13843

The real battle has only just begun...