Space Minotaur! - New Model - Rogue Trader

Hello guys , for those who doesn't know me , I'm a miniature sculptor and lover of the good old days!
My intent is to bring some of the old and forgotten models to the tables once again, so I'm taken on new versions of
old miniatures or even never produced characters. This time is a Space Minotaur, much more will come , Piscean Warriors,
Fimmirs , Zoats... As much as it gather some interest it will live , that simple ;)
Space Minotaur finished pics:
It's on a 40 mm round base. (not included)
It will be a metal miniature provided in 4 separate parts: Head , weapon, right hand and a piece of cable.
It's 10 GBP per single unit , 3 units or more will be just 9 GBP per piece.
PM or posting here to add to the list . It will be almost "made to order" by now.
Bring some new meat to your old army come on! :twisted:




Note: You can see a small gap between the older of the gun (right hand) and the gun itself , it will be finished once the mini be cutted down to parts ;)

Note B) More variants will be done once the first one be casted and sold , more likely another one with different head, weapon, details , etc and a Minotaur Leader.

Note C) Old minotaurs heads from warhammer fantasy are very suitable for this guy too , just need some small green stuff work, so very easy to convert :mrgreen:

Thanks to all!!

EDIT: After some PM's with member Zhu Bajie , I think I need to advert that the chainsword showed on the pic will be replaced for a similar one made by me on the final product.
Don't want to have a problem with anyone here , but some one seems to be very concerned about that, so here's the explanation.

Zhu Bajie

Yes, to confirm the outcome of my conversation with OS. The chainsword on the final model will be different the Games Workshop (Space Marine Commander) one in the photos above is for illustration purposes only and not part of the final model offered for sale here. Look forward to seeing some final pics!


I am excited to add this fellow and your other figures, when they are available to my collection. I have just sent the payment for the minotaur.


Hello! I'll take one of these and of the other models you've made - very happy to support your excellent work!