Rogue Trader Tanks and Space Marine Bikers [PICS]


Hello fellow oldhammerers, over a year ago I entered a couple of Rogue Trader Space Marine Bikers and Tanks into the Lead Painters' League number five. The title was "Rock Hard, Ride Free" and this was the entry:



Now, I had painted three tanks rather than two and took some additional pictures which I would like to share with you :)

First a bit of background, my Space Marines are a chapter of my own devising, the Devastation Angels. Their uniform is green with white like so:


However, for variety's sake I have decided my Space Marines take their uniform regulations lightly so I painted up some in camouflage as well, like so:


For my Space Marine bikers, the Hell Patrol, I chose to do things differently. They are bikers so I figured black clothing suits them much better than green and white. Of course this translated to black armour all over in this case. I figured the bikers would cherish their bikes so I gave each bike a custom paint job. Incidentally, the black armour doesn't interfere with the bike's custom paint jobs, and is quicker to paint. To keep them a recognisable part of my force their helmets are still standard issue.



The sergeant comes first. His bike has a custom metallic blue coat with a fish bone theme. I carried over the custom paint job into his power fist and shoulder pad. His right greave says "HELL PATROL" and his left greave marks his rank as a sergeant (as the right shoulder pad was unavailable for this). The buzzsaw is the symbol of my chapter.



My second biker has retained much of the colours of my chapter but made them a bit flashier. The green fades to white on the top of the bike and the buzz saw motive is carried over in the wheel guards. I finished his right shoulder pad in style. His left greave says "Rock Hard, Ride Free".



The final biker has a classic black with flame motive, after all, he carries a flamer. His custom paintjob extends also to his greaves and feet, and of course his right shoulder pad, where the buzz saw is also featured again.

Besides bikes I also painted a couple of tanks. There is a Whirlwind conversion based on templates from White Dwarf 117, an original Predator (minus the sponsons) and a Vindicator conversion based on templates from White Dwarf 118.


This is the whirlwind conversion, I built it and painted it according to a camouflage scheme for ammonium based salt plains from the Warhammer 40,000 Compendium (page 79). I also added a bike rider/rhino crew model. Since there was no room for a backpack I gave the model the back of a Space Marine devastator model, whom also don't carry backpacks.


According to the 40k Compendium this camouflage scheme was used on the assault on Tsunami Reef. Of which a reference is made on the front:

Battle Brothers
Tsunami Reef 945.M41



The predator is more or less a standard model as it came from the box. However, a lot of these tanks are old and beat up and broken when you buy them. Common flaws are missing/broken hand rails, grab handles and aerials and broken exhausts. This predator suffered from everything and also had it's barrel missing. I made the barrel from plastic tubing which I also used to fix the exhausts. Then I added hand rails and aerials from wire. You can see all these tanks got this treatment.


I didn't refer to Tsunami Reef on this tank but I did write "Balls 2 the wall" on the turret.


The Predator kit comes with a really cool front (or rear) plate. This one was stuck in place and I couldn't remove it so I left it as it was. It doesn't look much out of place here either.


The Vindicator is a bit more work than the Whirlwind to convert but I really like the look. This one was missing the aerials alltogether so I made them from bits of sprue and wire. You can see I also cut out the 'mesh' on the tracks and replaced it with real mesh. This gives the tracks a heavier feel which fits the tank. The barrel says "Hot for love".




Another Tsunami Reef reference, this one says:

Tsunami Reef 945.M41
"Hungry for heaven"

Well, I hope you liked the pictures, I definitely enjoyed building and painting these tanks and bikers, and in the future I plan to add more of course 8)


Absolute class!

Loved seeing these in the LPL and great to see the Vindicator - I always wanted to make myself a Whirlwind after reading that White Dwarf.

Balls to the Wall :lol:

However, I'm afraid you've made a terrible omission - none of your marines have Kil, Kil, Kil painted onto their shoulder pads ;)


Love what you've done! I've got quite a soft spot for RT Marine vehicles in camouflage. :)

A few years ago I stripped my RT Marines with a view to repainting them all as a project for a year and failing miserably to paint even one of the models. I still prefer the clean look of the RT Marines to the modern ones that are carting about too much bling on their armour.


Thantsants":3maoe9vk said:
However, I'm afraid you've made a terrible omission - none of your marines have Kil, Kil, Kil painted onto their shoulder pads ;)


Edit: couldn't withhold this story:

The Old vs. the New 40K Atmosphere
by Howard Liu (

During a combined operation on the world of Algol III, an Ultramarine and a Crimson Fist share words:

As the landing zone is being secured, Brother-Sergeant Horatius and Brother-Sergeant Haakon are left with a few hours to bide their time. Horatius wears blue armor so well-polished that it shines, decorated in textbook fashion. Haakon, sitting on an empty ammunition crate, is also clad in blue, but his armor is badly dented and scratched, as well as a generation older - Corvus armor. Fortunately, he is not wearing his helmet. The gauntlets of his armor are the color of blood. There is something scrawled onto his right shoulder pad, underneath his chapter badge. He seems to be brooding, but then, he always looks like that, face scarred and eyes squinting angrily. He also has a rather oversized head. Horatius, on the other hand, has a noble brow and a fine visage. He's never had a pimple in his whole, 500 year long life. He also brushes his teeth in the morning, at night, and before and after every meal, just like Brother-Orthodontist Lucius tells him to.

"If I may ask, Brother-Sergeant Haakon, what is that?"
"That, on your shoulder pad."
"It says 'Kil Kil Kil.'"
"'Kill kill kill'?"
"If you don't mind my asking-"
"I do."
"I see..."

A five minute pause ensues, during which Brother Haakon stares angrily at nothing, and Brother Horatius mulls this over. Finally, Horatius can't contain his curiosity any longer, and speaks again:

"Why did you paint 'Kil Kil Kil' on your power armor?"

Brother Haakon turns to stare icily at Brother Horatius. Wholly innocent, Horatius looks him in the eye mildly. Finally, Haakon grimaces and turns away, replying coldly, "I am a Space Marine. To kill is my duty. I serve it well."


(Ten minute pause)

"Well, actually, I believe that when I joined the Ultramarines, I made a promise to 'protect the citizens of the Imperium and to uphold the right' - that sort of thing."

Brother Haakon gives Horatius a blank, expressionless stare, and no other answer. Horatius has the grace to look embarrassed this time, and turns to watch the dropships landing in the distance. But like a flies to a barbecue, his eyes are drawn to the "kil kil kil" emblazoned across Haakon's shoulder pad. Then:

"You do know, don't you, that 'Kill' is spelled with two "l"'s..."

Haakon immediately loses his temper, and starts shouting. "I serve the glory of the one true Emperor! The things you speak of are uselessness! Righteousness is my armor!! Ignorance is my shield!!! A true warrior needs no more to serve his duty!"

Horatius, nonplussed: "But how can you operate on the battlefield effectively if you can't even read the Codex Astartes? Or the Tactica Imperialis? Or the Doctrina Militaria? Emperor's Teeth, this isn't the thirty-fifth millenium we're living in!"

"Every day, before we break our fast on rocks and thorns, the Crimson Fists gather in our newly rebuilt oratorium, and recite eleven thousand, nine hundred sixty four pages of the Codex Astartes! That is all the learning we need!" Haakon spits angrily on the ground, which begins to melt and bubble noisily.

(another 5 minute pause, while the two calm down, slowly. Horatius studies the frothing mess on the ground quietly, then looks up again.)

"Well, what about mathematics?"


"What's two and two together?"

A pause. A longer pause. "Four."

"You guessed," accuses Horatius.

"Did not," mumbles Haakon, not looking Horatius in the eye.

"How can you put together any sort of military operation at all if you can't grasp the most elementary techniques of game theory? Or symbolic logic? Have you ever heard of operational analysis? We live by the Emperor's word, but blind faith doesn't keep a company of men fighting!"

"This is my chainsword! This is my bolter! You see these markings? They honor my weapon's achievements, so that it will serve me in my need! Look to your battle-gear and it will protect you."

Caught off guard, Horatius stumbles for a minute before responding, formally:
-We guard it with our lives.-
"Your armour is your soul, and your soul's dedication its armour."
-The soul of a warrior is the shield of humanity.-
"Honour the craft of death."
-Only the Emperor is higher in our devotion.-
"Honour the battle-gear of the dead."
-We ask only to serve.-

Haakon nods triumphantly as Horatius completes the litany. "You see?"


Great story - thanks for sharing Pil :lol:

I might add a little to Haakon's chant -

This is my Bolter. There are many like it, but this one is mine - for I have painted "Syko" on it! :mrgreen:

By the way I'm afraid the pic isn't working and your avatar is out too.


Arhhhh such nice toys, RT will always be my first gaming love.. even comes above to 3rd ed WFB in my mind :)
Found these via google rather then here so working my threadomancy magic.

Very nice, loving the non-chapter specific colouring on the vehicles and some very nice bikes as well.


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