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Ork hand?

How do,

I'm currently converting up an old RT Ork & I'm on the look out for a left hand. It needs to be holding something large like a grenade (no hafts or weapon magazines), but obviously needs to be the right scale.

Do any of you gents know of an ork mini that fits this description? I'd prefer a plastic arm to tell you the truth -easier to cut & shape- but a metal candidate would still suffice.



I'll see tonight if the Catachan arms are on the right side. there is one holding a grenade and others open to receive a gun so that may very well be a good choice. Does it need to scale with the first full metal space orks or with the plastic arms that came with the later releases?
Hi JB,

Yeah, it needs to scale to the all metal space orks. I've looked at a lot of minis in my lead pile & can't seem to find one that fits the bill.



I MIGHT (note the stress) have some spare Inquisitor hands which happen to be smaller than doubled 28 mm hands, they'd be metal though. I'll have a look.


Any of these do you?


It looks like there were three left arms in the original plastics: the one with the arm straight out with bulky fist suitable for southpaw shooters (also pictured holding gun), the one tucked in with the open hand for supporting a right handed bolter, and the power fist. There are similar variations on the modern sprue which are about power armored nob sized in old orkdom. Or maybe roughly fantasy black ork size. (Or a little better. They're big bulky things I've had no use for thus far. Got them as a gift from a friend for parts.)

Anyway, if any of those are useful to you let me know. Can't recall which continent you're on. I'm in the U.S. If you're in Europe and one of the EU/UK folks can handle it I'll defer to cheaper postage, but I expect even so I could stomach it. I bet there's a way to slip a plastic ork arm into a typical first class envelope without breaking local rules. Maybe. Shouldn't be too bad, in any case.

Also note: The older/smaller ones are the self same arms that were used on the metal orks of the eighties and nineties when such didn't come with molded on arms, thus they ought to scale well. Depends on the ork, of course. If you can tell me which one I can possibly even provide a picture of the arm in context. (Or at least with a similar one.)

Thanks for the offer, but I think I recognise those arms....they are -as you say- big & bulky.

Appreciate you looking for me, but I think I'll pass :)



That looks perfect, PM sent

Cheers :grin:


No worries. I think the old plastics size up fairly well . . .


(And there's an open hand variant as well. And another closed fist that tucks in more. Several versions, it seems.)

But the hand that Asslessman is offering is indeed a very nice one, and he may well be more proximate. Just thought I'd at least offer up plastic, since you'd expressed a preference. Either way, I look forward to seeing what you're scheming.

But that little glimpse of Asslessman's workbench has me thinking about starting a different sort of thread. A "What do you have in your leadpile?" thread.