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Orctober 2015


I would like to draw your attention to this year’s Orctober festivities:


As previous years I invite you all to join me in a month’s long celebration of orcs though we are liberal enough to include all goblinoids. Post up any paint jobs, modelling, thoughts, reviews, fiction, rules or art work related to orcs, orks or goblinoids in general. As always I'll be donating a bit of old citadel lead or plastic to a random contributor. If you don't have a blog feel free to post a contribution here!

Happy Orctober!

Oh and feel free to use this little title illustration I knocked up for this years festivities.


Good news BD, I'm hoping to get more people involved than last year but we're on a slow start. Looking forward to your contribution, I'm guessing it will be Ork rather than Orc.


Good stuff Urion, showing that even the non-orc collector can scrape togetehr somethign cool for Orctober. love how you've already decided that the gretchin in your band is the hooch carrier.
Erny":2gdam4ex said:
Good news BD, I'm hoping to get more people involved than last year but we're on a slow start. Looking forward to your contribution, I'm guessing it will be Ork rather than Orc.




Awesome paint job there, I guess you can't tell what someone is going to paint next just from their back catalog. Harboth is looking very dapper for an orc in that evil sun gut plate, is he on his own or are there more to come?
More to come. I don't have the archers because I found him out of sheer luck in a bitz box raid.... but he has some Orc friends.


Due to the new job this could be the only contribution but with half term coming up I have my fingers crossed.


Recently I opened up a metal, Cadbury's, Chocolate fingers box and there he was sitting there. . . . Orcy Chop Chop my first ever painted miniature in all his shiny, enamel, goodness!

With miniature 200 approaching it was fate and I dropped him into the dettol. This morning he was finished and I present Orcy Chop Chop a GW 1985 Orc leader, a treasured lump of lead I have had in my possession for over 30 years.



I don't have a blog (atleast not yet) and this isn't that good a picture but I managed to finish a unit of Marauder boar boyz. Wonderful sculpts!



Great first post Laava. I love these guys too and you've not let them down. Unusual choice on the yellow and green, it works really well though I do have some of these guys somewhere with black and pink stripped trousers maybe thats what the sculpt just asks for. Hope to see more soon.


Hope Half-Orcs are allowed...

Just finished this chappy who is the first model of a little project I intend to start.



Actually brought these last year to complete my RoR Black Mountain Boys, but never got round to applying a coat of paint; any way finally give them a base coat, with a wash of Chestnut ink to give a indication of grot with just the detail still to do to finish them off for this year. :lol:

All the best

Paul / Golgfag1


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I'm very slowly painting this chap for my Renegade Oddboyz Mob.

He's not quite finished yet but I'm at the vinegar strokes, as it were.