New Realm of Chaos 80s Scenarios!

Zhu Bajie

Following the Super Soaraway Success of the Realm of Chaos 80s Oldhammer Mutations table, we're back, with more 1980s retro goodness.

The chaos warp has been mutating the Warhammer Realm of Chaos with thoughtforms from 1980s Earth, mutating all sorts of creatures into bizarre Aberrations of Anachronism! But what do they do? Why do they do it? Let's find out!

OK guys, you know the drill:

1. Each post must be numbered
2. Each post must be a scenario
3. Each scenario must contain a reference to 1980s pop culture, politics or whatever.

Also be sure to make your conflict reasonably generic so any warband may join in the fight!

Zhu Bajie

1. Pitched Battle The warbands are fanatical devotees of certain Bloodbowl teams. They have travelled across the wastes to watch their favourite sport, and cheer on their favourite team. However, so riled up by their teams victory or defeat (doesn't matter really) they decide to vent their frustration / elation on the opposing teams fans. Set up a Bloodbowl board with each warband at opposing ends, war bands may not leave the pitch. The victor is the last man standing.


2. War of the Koh-las

You patron God had sent you a gift for the whole tribe in the form of a fountain. This fountain is pouring no water but demon Ichor, a dark, sticky sparkling substance that melts bodies from the inside. Since your tribe has got its hands on that unholy source of power called Koh-la, it has gained fame and strength like never before... until another rival band has claimed to have found the one and only true fountain of Koh-la. You know for a fact this is a pathetic attempt of treachery and a fraud to the Dark gods, and it won't rest unpunished...

Your warband is to desecrate the Chaos Monolith of your rival while his goal is to decipher yours.
The Monolith is desecratedif 3 wounds are caused to it (Monolith are hit automatically and are T5 with no save)

The only true Koh-la will be the one whose source is standing.

Zhu Bajie

3. The Running Man

Your Warband has been sentenced to deth! for a crime they probably did commit, but aren't going to admit to. However, they have one chance to escape their doom - take part in The Running Man! This infamous competition is renown throughout the Realm of Chaos for it's bloodthirsty horror and top cash prizes. The Warband must enter one side of a huge maze and make their way to the other. But once inside, celebrity Chaos Mutants will try to kill them.

The DM lays out a series of corridors and rooms across the table, using the floor pieces from Space Hulk, Dungeon Floor Plans, Advanced Heroquest or other great Games Workshop game, available at your local Games Workshop, or from Games Workshop Mail Order. Player A must then deploy his warband in secret (on a separate copy of the map) Player B must then attempt to traverse the maze and escape.
4. Fire and Dice

Your champion while out in the wilderness alone comes upon an enchanting beautiful _____ in need of defending. They are pursued by another champion with a full warband. The gods require you to face this vast horde on your own. Although there are rumors of one called Darkwolf who haunts these lands.

You start with the _____ on one end of the table. The other warband should be spread out across the table trying to keep them about 8" apart. It is your job to maneuver you and your ward to the other end of the table with you both surviving. If things are getting difficult you may add an ally to your cause he is known as Darkwolf, and will have normal chaos warrior stats.
5. Frazetta

Your champion has been hired to pose for a painting. The painter requires it to be a gruesome bloody combat scene. Can you survive long enough to pose till the end?

Your champion is placed on a central terrain piece, with the painter 6" to his front. You are then required to attempt to survive till the painting is done. The painting will last d6+2 turns, with d3 opponents generated per turn.

This scenario can be played every time the painter is commissioned for another painting. Sometimes he will only require the champion, others he will require the whole warband for a battle scene. Feel free to use Franks work as inspiration for your scenario ideas. ;)

Warband A is picketting a miner's strike. Place the warband in the center of the table near an open mine entrance. Also place 2D6 dwarf miners armed with hand weapons. They are lead by a level 15 Dwarf named Skargill. These are controlled by Warband A.

Warband B has been hired by The Evil Overlady. They must break up the pickett. If they slay Skargill then the miners immediately change sides and come under the control of Warband B.

+2 vp to warband A if Skargil survises the game.
+2 vp to warband B if Skargil is killed.
7. Are you being severed?

Warband A have found an abandoned village within the chaos wastes. Nestled in a dried up valley, now populated by a forest of gaunt trees that flap in the breeze like they are trying to "take off" from their earthly shackles. Spread these out as densely or sparsely as you wish. Upon getting within "X" range of these trees they will attempt to batter the approaching victims with hurricane strength wind blasts from their waving branches. Decide on the effect as you see fit.

Warband B has managed to infiltrate the forest & enter the village (within hours of warband A approaching the forested area) To their dismay they have realised that this was once "the" notorious trading centre of the north. It mainly concerned itself with selling completely out of date fashion articles to unsuspecting locals. It was staffed by annoying, inept, fuddy duddy types, one of which had a shockingly peculiar hair style. It was abandoned during the first chaos incursion into the old world.....much to the delight of the surrounding residence, who feared them more than the chaos horde that was fast approaching.

A Nurgle Warband C has taken up residence in one of the trading shops (random one in the village) and have decided to revive their obscure trading practices, just to infuriate the surrounding chaos warbands. They will attempt to lure anyone who wanders by into one of the trading shop's, whereupon they will set about berating them with shop talk so inane that it will incense the customer into a fight. Any & all victims will then be hung upon the walls to decorate their shop.


8. Squat the Lot! ("you cant evict the daemon!")

Somewhere in a ravaged town in the Chaos Wastes, Warband A has occupied a vacant Inn, once in use as a hideout by cultists of patron Chaos god of warband B.

Warband B has to break into the Inn using Warhammer Siege Rules (ladders, battering rams) with obvious limitations due to the small size of the warbands, and destroy warband A.

At the beginning of each turn roll a dice and on a roll of 6 a full, ranked unit (10 strong) of either heavily armoured Chaos Warriors or Khorgor show up to clear out the street and evict the Inn, fighting both warband A and B.


9. Rudy's Box

Long ago, in the dwarven city of Fremendela, an eccentric inventor called Rudy Scar was famed for his ingenious marvels, mechanical toys, and puzzles. His most famous creation was a box made from a number of coloured sections which slid and swivelled held together by a hidden mechanism. In theory it could be manipulated in order to bring the randomly arranged slabs together in facets of a single colour, but nobody could manage it except the inventor himself. He presented it as a gift to the king, who challenged his advisers and his wizards, offering gold and beer to anyone who could solve the puzzle, but no-one was able to claim the prize. In time the box ended up in the shrine at the heart of the city, and travellers came from far and wide to try their luck. The legend of Rudy's cube grew and a prophesy was made that whoever managed to solve the puzzle would rule over all the mountains.

A chaos warlord, Alaric the Bald, was rampaging through the area and heard about the prophesy. He arrived at the city with his warhost and demanded to see the legendary object. A gaggle of terrified dwarves ushered him to the shrine and explained the puzzle to him. As eight feet of towering, scarred muscle with a curiously shrunken head, Alaric didn't seem a promising candidate to succeed where all those sages had failed and they feared he would be an ill-humoured loser. Alaric lifted the box, turning it this way and that in his massive hands for a minute or two before placing it on the ground, stepping back, and smashing it to pieces with a single blow of his warhammer. Gathering the splintered chunks, he crammed them back together with a single colour on each face and stepped back to admire the result, grinning broadly. His audience applauded politely, briefly relieved, until Alaric hurled the box down the mountainside and rushed at them, hammer raised. A handful of survivors escaped the ensuing sacking of Fremendela, and through them the episode passed into local legend.

Now new powers are on the rise, and ambitious souls want to bring together the colours of Rudy's cube to claim their destiny. Warband A and Warband B have come to the foot of the cliffs below Fremendela, and must search the rocks to recover the fragments and rebuild the cube.


10. Wrestlemania

Chaos gods are ever mind changing and the champions they favour one instant can become the ones they loath the other. Sometimes they just don't even care to decide if they like or despise such pityful creatures.

The gods have set a battle ground (a 4 inches large square) where champions are thrown one after the other.
Assign randomly an order between players and each new turn a new player is added in the order determined. Player's model can enter the battleground after crossing the 8 inches path that leads to it. Only champions may enter the Battleground but their respective retinues are free to be in the spectator's area to do whatever they please (fighting between themselves or interfering with the match from afar).

Any champion killed or thrown out of the battle ground loses and considered dead. The victor is the one standing alone at the end of the game.



11. The Other White Meat

In order to stop a sacred artifact/magic ring/secret recipe from falling into your hands, the accursed villagers fed it to their pigs! You refuse to let that stop you, but the indignity of the scene that follows means you will need to vent further vengeance on the peasants after you recover the item. The fact that your nemesis has arrived at the same moment will compound your troubles.

Table: 4x4'

Terrain: Scattered huts, fences, fields, and a broken corral at the center of the table.

Deployment: Each warband must deploy within 6" of opposite table edges.

The Pigs: There are six of the beasts in the center of the table. At the beginning of each turn, each pig moves 2d6" in a d12 direction - if the move would bring the pig into contact with another model or building, stop it 2" away. To 'search' the creatures for the loot a model must charge the WS2, T3, W1 creature and succeed in causing a wound. The pigs are too small and fast for accurate ranged attack. If the pig survives, it does not strike back, but immediately moves 1d6" in a d12 direction (no free hack). If a pig is slain, immediately roll 1d6. If the die roll is equal to or less than the total number of pigs slain, you have found the doodad!

Victory: Retrieve the item and exit the table. Note that if a pig manages to leave the board it does not count toward the number slain and it may be possible that the game ends without either side finding the item (meaning the pig that escaped had the artifact and the villagers win - boo!)

Complications: If you have a GM, some of the peasants may join the melee or maybe even a wandering protagonist champion or wizard. You can also make one or more of the pigs boars (use the stats for War Boars). These creatures will fight back if attacked and will charge if their random movement sends them toward a foe!

Relevance: For the youngsters, 'The Other White Meat' slogan was developed in 1987 to promote the sale of pork...
12. Big Hair and Eavy Metal

Warband A has been hired to pull security for the eaviest metal band of all, with their big hair and devotion to the dark powers.

Warband B is here to crash the concert.

Victory: Get the band to the tour chariot unscathed, or eliminate warband b to ensure the band safety.

The Groupies, roadies, and spectators are obviously devotees of the band, and will help out in anyway possible. Use them as you or your GM see fit.
13. It's my home god damn it!!!!!

Not far south of the northern chaos wastes, on the shore's of a dead & rancid lake bed, lies the an abandoned & dilapidated fortress. A military contingent from the Empire were sent here over two years ago to keep a watchful eye over the northern lands & make monthly reports on the area. The men (and their families) have been here long enough now that they call it "home" and have spent much of their time & energy repairing the fortress to make it livable & somewhat defensible. Since coming to this area they have had no intrusion into the territory, nothing worthy of note to report.

Warband A, meandering it's way across the chaos wastes, has sent one of it's familiars (winged miniature daemon) ahead of its force to scout ahead. When the beast returns to it's master it reports the existence of an old fortress manned by a small force of men. It is nearer to "normal" human civilisation that many of his companions have been since they fled north. But the chance to exact some revenge upon those that had hounded them out of their homes many years before, is an opportunity that they are more than willing to take.

Unbeknownst to both parties concerned, on the other side of the lake bed, is a small cave entrance. This is home to Warband B, who noticed when the Empire first moved into the area. They watched for a couple of days & upon realising that they were fixing the fortress up, decided to wait until they were finished, whereupon they would "change ownership" of the keep. When they noticed Warband A approaching their "soon to be new home", they decide to intervene.

Warband A knows the layout of the area, so they can setup as close as practicable to the fortress before launching an attack.

Warband B has a tunnel that runs under the lake bed right into the centre of the village. They haven't breached the surface yet, so their unsure where it will come out. Randomise where the exit could be (D6 possibilities) somewhere within the village grounds.

Let the fun begin :grin:

Zhu Bajie

ramshackle_curtis":1ck78btc said:
Nice :) Have you seen McDeath & The Miners strike ?

14. Buddy Cop Movie
He's a rookie warrior from Warband A, who plays by his own rules, and takes the law into his own hands.
He's a world weary veteran from Warband B, plays by the book, and knows every statute and code.
Now they must overcome their differences to work together and overcome the odds in a fight to the death against The Boss who threatens to take over the whole of the Realm.

Each player selects one warrior or champion from his warband to buddy-up and take on a random selection of random creatures set up by the GM. One of the GMs creatures must be designated The Boss. 1 victory point is awarded for each kill made, victory points are doubled if both warriors survive.