Beachhead 2024 (10-11 Feb)


Well Beachhead was good fun today. Managed to get a game of Mordheim in - so some middlehammer fun (I think it's mostly a ~5th Ed WFB base). Somehow through total luck I actually managed to win!

Always crazy to see the "Titan Walk" game with so many (modern - no Armourcast ones snuck in) Forge World Titans, hate to think how much money must have been down on the floor with the people playing stepping over and around them! They were using upturned plastic pond liners for mountains which was a good terrain idea. I remember at some of the GW Games Day "28mm scale" EPIC games they used plastic crates upside down as large buildings.

Crazy number of dice traders this year - never seen so many dice in so many colours and designs. Lots of nice Perry historicals that were tempting along with bits from Warlord games, but my willpower held fast (mostly). I did manage to get some of the AK Sand & Gravel fixer mentioned on Manic's thread so will be interested to see how well it works.