3rd edition Bretonnians


One of my favourite armies in the Warhammer Armies book has always been the Bretonnian army of Dave Andrews. Most of the models depicted were no longer available by the time I got into warhammer, but I loved the look of the army. I never thought I would eventually be able to collect them.

I've always felt the whole Lady of the Lake mythology with noble knights looking for the Grail was a bit silly. To me, Bretonnia is a dangerous, dirt-poor country with a wealthy elite that doesn't care.

I've tried taking a few pictures but most didn't come out very well. The two I have aren't really representative of the colours, but at least they're not blurry. ;) I'll have to experiment with lighting.


First up is a unit of Villains (town militia) led by a Baron (level 5 hero). The complete unit is made up of 30 men at arms, but I'm in the process of rebasing and these are the only ones that are showable.
The unit is a mixture of Citadel and Foundry models. The only way to tell the two apart is by turning them over and see whether they have a tab in the slotta base. ;)


A unit of Noblesse D'épée, the lowliest Bretonnian knights (being only +1 shock elite). A Bretonnian army never takes the field without at least one unit of these. I absolutely love the individuality of the knights. They ooze character. The lances of the two knights with pendants are actually from the current bretonnian range.

At the moment I'm updating my Rascals (peasants). They are arguably the most important part of the old school Bretonnian army. Completely useless in battle, but really, no self-respecting Bretonnian knight would take the field without pushing some reluctant peasants in front of him. ;)

More pictures to follow...


Very nice pics and miniatures... Dave Andrews army is a model for a bretonian collector... 3rd ed Siege rule book present fanstatic pics of his huge collection.

Blue in VT

Yeah...those look like they stepped right of the pages of the armies book...though with better paint jobs. Are those knights foundry as well?




Are those knights foundry as well?

The knights are also Foundry. The original Citadel ones don't turn up very often on eBay, and if they do, they tend to be expensive. ;)

I'm not sure when the knights disappeared from the range, but Halberdiers and crossbowmen remained a part for longer, and they're easier to find.


Very nice, my understanding is that the old foundry/citadel ranges are available once more, on request, so your collecting may get a little easier and hopefully cheaper. You'll also get a bunch of copy cats, I have a few of the men at arms but not an armies worth.


Thanks for the comments, all. At the moment I have plenty of the knights. I could do with some spearmen to field as Ribalds, though. I remember they were in the Foundry range about a year ago. I think I'll drop them a mail when the rest of the army is finished. ;)

My Rascals are coming along nicely, by the way. I should be able to take some new pics this weekend.


Despite saying earlier that I would finish my Rascals, I ended up with a few more knights, a unit of 10 Rapscallions (archers) and a unit of 12 Arblastiers (crossbowmen). I decide to paint something and always end up with something else on my paint station. :roll:

The Rapscallions I've recently acquired from a friend who's had them since the 80ies. I added a fully armoured halfling in the front rank for good luck. With a BS of 2 they'll need it.

The Arblastiers I bought myself in the 80ies. Some of my oldest minis. I gave them a slight touch-up to bring out their unit colours.

I've also been concentrating on giving the units banners. I made them in Photoshop and painted over them with regular paints. (I simply do not have the patience to paint an elaborate banner from scratch. I'd rather paint more minis. ;).) I now have a banner for the two mandatory units of knights (d'Epee and d'Honneur) and for the different units of foot soldier. Despite being not much use for a some units, I do think it adds to the look of the army if you have a lot of banners.


All my pictures ended up blurry. Even this one is barely passable. I'll try out a different set up to take my pictures next time.


That Raidock Timmowitz gets around an awful lot for someone with such short legs - last time I saw him was stopwing away of Sven Hasslefresian's boat, the Volksvagn, down in sunny Lustria ;)

They look great and I'm tempted to crack on with some of mine as a result...


Nic":1uq8md5o said:
The unit is a mixture of Citadel and Foundry models. The only way to tell the two apart is by turning them over and see whether they have a tab in the slotta base. ;)

Which citadel range are the knights from?



Which citadel range are the knights from?

Some of them are depicted here, C26 fantasy Men-At-Arms:


Meanwhile, although I have enough unpainted lead to last me a long, long time, it looks like I need to get me a few of these:


To build me a unit of these:


The Foundry pack is a mixture of peasants and 'slightly more able' men, though, so only half of the pack would go to the spear unit and the other half into the ever expanding mass of rascals.


Nice start. Look forward to seeing more of this plog.
Not something you see painted up very often these days.