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I Found an Army (sort of)

As what started as an idle Sunday morning thought last week, given all of the zombies I painted this year. Did I have enough minis for a legit WFB 3rd Ed. 1000pts. So, I put together a quick army list and the short answer was no.

I was missing the unit of Grim Reapers (skeletons armed with 2-handed weapons). So, given I had box of Oathmark revenants sitting on the shelf. I decided to put together a unit of ten revenants with 2-handed weapons to make up the minimum requirements. Given the minis come with light armour, I sort had to include this in the army list.

It is probably a bit of a cheat to call the zombie dragon a Carrion but it doesn't really fit into the army list proper and is such a great mini so I had to fit it in somehow. Now, I do have quite a few more characters and another unit of twenty skeletons. So, could probably stretch to 1500-2000pts without going nuts on characters. But to be fair a level 25 vampire is 690 points on his own with out any equipment let alone magical items.

The extra ten undead warriors.
The 1000pts in all its glory.

Now, I am not saying this is the most competitive army list but the minimum points requirements are quite heavy and this was trying to use what I already had.

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