HeroQuest The Rescue - 3 Quest Mission/Campaign

The Rescue: From Dragão Brasil Vol 1. Issue 6, 1995

"The Dwarf's Former Master is in Dire Straits"
This time the Heroes must rescue Kerg, the Great Dwarven warrior who managed to repel the invasion of his village by the Evil Commander Chups, an old enemy of the Kingdom. Now Chups has managed to capture the veteran, and plans to keep him prisoner in his castle while he razes his village and steals his treasures. Kerg was also the dwarf of the hero group's master, having trained him for combat. The Dwarf will not allow his former master to be held prisoner, nor will his village be invaded!

This was originally released in Brazilian, which I do not speak or read, but with a few online sources and a tiny bit of editing translation experience I've tried to get this in a playable state. Some conversion from the American style to the Original European style was also done. Notes have also been added before and after to give some extra information like where I wasn't able to do a direct replacement of Equipment cards or artefacts. Used HeroScribe to redo the maps, my old photoshop to do the text (why HeroScribe doesn't have any text section I don't know).

Being a RPG magazine, DB seamed to give more of an RPG flair to their missions so alot of notes and roleplay sections (Intro is meant to be acted out, there are also sections where the Evil Wizard has to act the role of NPC (or more, can to add a bit more).

Hopefully, there isn't much in the way of spelling errors but just point any out and I'll correct them. I get the feeling the name 'Chups' is more fearsome in Brazilian then in English.. which it doesn't seam to be.. Chupa Chups is Spanish.. (random fact: Salvador Dali designed their logo when it was changed in 1969, which is basically what they are still using.. can't figure out the sexual connection though..).. Maybe they felt Lollies were evil?


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Ah, ^_^ Used to know someone from Brazil but haven't had contact with her for a while. Do they speak portuguese or is it a local variation? like how in Canada, they don't speak French, but a local variation of French (I knew a guy from Canada how had this fun story about when he went to France and due to the language changes, both him and the French waiter had to speak English to be fully understood. Like how US American isn't English.. but it's closer at times.. but still... sooo.. not English..