The Battle For Black Mere! Eru-Kin Faction


I don't always back Diehard's fantasy kickstarters because I lean heavily into the Rogue Trader side of things, but my love for all things Slann means I'm down for this one. We may not see the finished model during the campaign, but the Kennon James design for the War Altar looks spectacular, and Prow's Diehard series has yet to disappoint me on converting great drawings into outstanding sculpts.


Slann are in Rogue Trader ^_^
They are nice figures but... I don't really have too much interest in them myself. About the only Slann figure I have much interest in is.. well.. the Mage priest from the Mike McVey Lustrian diorama.. bit surprised that is from 1997 but.. yeah.. still nice figures ^_^

twisted moon

lovely stuff, but like manicman, i'm too invested in more temperate parts of warhammer to look to expand into lustria.
i do have some of their sci-fi eru-kin though, which are great.