St. Leonards Gaming Group - Maybe


I work at a Local Community Centre in St. Leonards, East Sussex and have been looking to run a gaming group there. There are a few different ways it can go and one problem I'm having while trying to plan things out is more some of the basics i guess.. the plan is more to host/run various games and stuff, Like maybe run a Hero Quest Campaign, or some oldhammer, or playing some Miniature games.. Just a nice general meet up and play and stuff.. kinda old school style..

Now, so far, I've had two main problems.. the first is time. The centre itself mostly uses 'standard' 9-5 kinda hours, which seams... I don't know if people wanting to attend would be more the kind that would be busy and probebly working themselves so an after hours thing might be better.. Weekends are kinda possible.. The other problem is fequency.. Once a month seams okay to me but might be too long between 'sessions'.. Once a week might be nice but too often.. It's.. tricky..

Since i'm kinda out of touch with things things, I'm not sure what people might think the general good idea..

Not sure if it's the best place to ask and all but.. Any one got some ideas about what might be some good ideas?
It would have to be evenings or weekends if you’re after working age gamers. Even then, it’s likely to be a challenge due to people’s other commitments.

In your shoes, I’d be tempted to try forming a small group (of friends?) and ask them their preference for games played, meeting days and frequency. You could promote your club to see if there’s interest from others once you’re up and running.

Prepare for some potential frustration though. My experience is that it can be tricky to organise even small groups of close gaming friends.


Oh, after working at a community centre for some time, it can be a bloody pain getting people for free courses, so I kinda know some of the problems with organising things.

problem is also, I don't really have any local gaming friends these days.. never had a huge group and with deaths, family and other matters appearing, things became a pain. but like I said, mostly putting out feelers to try and get a basic idea right now.. been wondering about trying to start things off via a course route in a way.. like 'beginings entry to Basic roleplaying' to get people interested ^_^ I'm not a good enough painter for a bit on that too much but.. again, 100% won't be anything this year, and i doubt much until well into next year anyway.

thanks for the tips though ^_^