WH40k:RT Ork Dreadnought Weapons

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Okay.. Doing up an Ork Dreadnought and.. I'm having a bit of weapon issue..

Looking through the original Ork rule book (Ere we go) Dreadnoughts are listed as having Powerclaw & Heavy Bolter.. okay.. but kinda within no time, the kit was evolved to have Grenade Launcher, Heavy Plasma & Laser Cannon as well as the Heavy Bolter.. in fact, I think it might have ALWAYS had them extra weapons.. not sure.. I've only seen listings for the Base set with them extras (and some things seam to claim the top section was retweaked but that doesn't matter)..

I've got a Laser Cannon coming.. I've already got a plastic.. erm.. Heavy Plasma Gun from the Space Orks plastic box set, also have a metal Plasma but its from a RT space marine (doesn't matter, orks probebly nicked it) and what I couldn't quite ID but it's a Ork Autocannon.. I know someplace it said about the rules for extra weapon and stuff and probebly a list of what they can have.. I'm not 100% bothered as I very much doubt I'll get a game in or anything but.. kinda trying to keep it legal..

So.. I guess White Dwarf but any one know which issue or anything had rules for dreadnought weapons, points for extra weapons (having 4 instead of 2 etc).


silly me.. White Dwarf #100. It's a little all over the place though..

lets see.. for a 'standard' Dreadnought.. 50 points, have a Powerclaw and Heavy Bolter (plus Kustom Force Field)
WD#100 has 2 'custom' types.. the Killer Dreadnought which is.. 100 pts with.. powerclaw and heavy bolter (plus power field)... so.. erm.. as it states +30 pts for the armament of the two weapons.. 130pts for what is pretty much the same as the 50 pts version.. checking the stats.. pretty much the same but they changed terms.. so.. odd to pay more for less.
Then there is the Super-Attack Onslaughter Dreadnough which has the extra 2 weapon slots.. 140pts, has 2 claws, 1 las-cannon and 1 heavy bolter. It does say "Orks are quite free with types of weapons they fix to their dreadnoughts" (which I agree with) "The Las-cannon can therefore be replaced with Either another heavy bolter, a grenade launcher OR a heavy plasma. The Heavy Bolter can similarly be replaced by either another Las-cannon, a grenade launcher or heavy plasma gun."

it's been.. way too long since I've seriously gone through a RT book working out points cost etc.. and I forgot how confusing the ork one is.. iffy layout, stuff all over the place, lack of reference etc.. I'm gonna say since the arms are said to be 'adapter arms'.. Any heavy weapon I can find as equipment can be added.. points for the auto cannon is.. odd but still.


I can see why Rick and co felt the 40k rules needed a tidy up and consolidation for 2nd edition. Although at the time I think I quite liked all these little bits of rules everywhere - the secret knowledge that only the few knew! :) Totally useless for competitive play, but fine for friendly games.

Looking forward to seeing this can of yours!


^_^ It's slowly building up.. I prefer to paint before building where possible but I've gotten more into properly smoothing joint lines better so doing a bit less of that..

oh and being Goff, it's not gonna be a huge problem painting alot of it ^_^