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Gloin Explains Why Gimli is So Good with an Axe.

With a pile of goblins and the walkways painted. It was time to play a game.

To win the dwarves had to get three or more dwarves off the opposite side of the table in ten turns or less. The goblins had one captain
(In fetching blue warpaint) and dead goblins could be recycled back at the end of each turn on a dice roll.

As the expected, the three goblins on the forward platform got taken down easily and then it became a battle of attrition on the central walkway. In the end the goblins managed to tie down the dwarves long enough to run out the clock. But the dwarves were beginning kill the goblins faster than they were being replaced. A few more turns could have seen a dwarven victory.

It turns out that Gloin is a much better fighter than either Fili or Kili
(Which I only noticed once the battle had started) because he has 3 attacks, defence of 7 and special skill allowing him to reroll 1’s on wound dice. Which meant once he got into combat he was killing at least one goblin per turn which allowed the dwarves to push forward. Gloin also killed the goblin captain early in which helped.

Oin’s prognostication skill
(which allowed a nearby dwarf to reroll a combat dice in exchange for a point of Will) early in the game also allowed Fili and Kili to survive a couple of tough combats. Although both lost their Might and Fate early in the game.

The dwarves overwhelming advantages in combat and heroic abilities did help but it didn't go all their way.

The goblins chittering horde skill meant that for most of the game Fili and Kili were rolling two dice against two dice in close combat. And the goblins were able to exploit this advantage. And with a defence of 5 both Fili and Kili were vulnerable if they lost their combats.

In a much tighter game than I was expecting. The dwarves have basically used all of their Might, Will and Fate (Fili & Kili). So, on to the next game.

The goblin captain leads the charge.
The goblins forgot to leave any spaces and so took double hits
when they couldn't back up after a losing fights.
They only made this mistake once.​
Gloin proves his worth and takes down the goblin captain.​

The narrow walkway meant the dwarves struggled to get
their superior skills to their advantage.

The game at the end of the last turn.

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