WFB3 A Sylvanian Werewolf in Nippon

Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Edition
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Our story begins with the tale of a traveller seeking passage from the Old World to Nippon. Our mysterious traveller, Kessler pays an adventurous merchant captain a hefty purse of gold up front to take him to the mysterious East. Unknown to the captain Kessler actually hails from the dark forests of Sylvania and is in fact a Werewolf. He is fleeing the Empire's witch hunters and is seeking a distant land where he can continue to spread his terrible curse. He stays below deck during the full moons managing to keep his secret safe for the many months it takes to travel to Nipon.

Kessler quickly makes his way into the Niponese forrest and shedding his human skin he quickly takes over the wolf packs and beasts living deep in the forests becoming their pack leader.

Our game takes place on the edge of a village where it borders the wild forests Kessler has made his home. Recently the villages have noticed that livestock has been going missing during the nights and a terrible howling has been heard from the depths of the forest. A brave band of milita went into the forest with flaming torches to drive away the evil spirits or beasts responsible for the attacks, but they disappeared without trace. The attacks have been growing worse and villages who loiter too long a dusk in the fields are not returning home.

Now the villagers refuse to cross the river and bolt their doors. The villages seek the local elder - Miyagi's advice. He suggests they petition the local Hatamoto for military assistance lest the local rice crop be threatened because the villagers are too scared to harvest it. The petition succeeds and the Hatamoto dispatches the local garrison of Samurai and Ashigaru to assist Miyagi. Miyagi a former comrade of the local Hatamoto and a powerful wizard in his own right will lead the soldiers as the evening dusk gathers.

A lone man with the head and aspect of a wolf appears on the edge of the forest in the deepening gloom, he sees the forces arrayed against him and emits a blood curdling howl, the undergrowth begins to move and from the forest emerge his terrifying wolf pack...

This is a quick write up of the wonderful video battle report posted by IainS. Awesome stuff!

The Humans

The army general with 6 level 1 spells and 10 magic points
  • Wind Blast
  • Part Water
  • Steal Mind
  • Hammer Hand
  • Ignite Missiles
  • Aura of Resistance

Samurai Archers
2x units of 10 Samurai archers equipped with longbows and light armour
Samurai Archers443331317777110

Ashigaru Spearmen
2x units of Ashigaru Spearmen with standard bearer and musician
Ashigaru Spearmen433331317777132

Secret Agent - a level 10 assassin with Torinoko Grenades and Throwing Stars.
Shinobi will remain hidden within one unit until the time is right and he emerges to take out the enemy characters.

The Wolves

The army general alevel 10 were hero
He can change between three forms: Human, Wolf Man and Giant Wolf.
He starts the game in Wolf Man form, he must test every turn against his will power lest his lupine nature overtakes him and he turns into his Giant Wolf form.
Wolf Man4645525310688115


Giant Wolf960442626466115

Alpha Wolves
3x Dire Wolves
These represent the Alpha wolves and will function as unit Champions for the purposes of the battle. The wolves can howl to cause fear.
Dire Wolf95044342977770

Giant Wolves
2x unit of 9 Giant Wolves to each be lead by one of the Dire Wolves
Wolves fear fire, must take panic test if attacked by burning weapons.
Giant Wolf9403313134448

Giant Wolves
1x unit of 4 Giant Wolves to be lead by one of the Dire Wolves
Giant Wolf9403313134448

Big Bad Wolves
3x Big Bad Wolves (using minotaur profile)
Big Bad Wolf64344332957648


One edge of the board should be heavily forested. A river lies beyond the forest. The river should have three crossing points, a central bridge and fords towards either edge. Beyond the river are the village fields. These should be represented with hedges, fences, walls and so forth. The odd small storage building can be placed alongside these obstacles.


Miyagi deploys first in the fieldworks at the Niponese table edge. Kessler's wolves deploy along the forest edge of the table.


The role of the Niponese army is to protect the village and villagers from whatever emerges from the dark forest. If they can prevent any of Kessler's forces from reaching the Niponese board edge and kill Kessler they will win the game.

Kessler will win if he survives and one or more of his units exit from the Niponese board edge, this representing them getting past the defenders and wreaking havoc in the village beyond

Can Miyagi stop Kessler's wolf pack from ripping through the village?
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