2nd Edition Deathwing Project

Hi all,

A long time ago I used to have a OG DW army. Then traded the models up for newer versions (I needed the shin-y-ness of newness for the majority of my 20s). The Latest iteration being the 7th Edition model (knights etc). Well, I’m going back to my first army (which I need to build and paint again).

So far Ive collected 3 Squads (with some bits missing) and a RT Land Raider which fits well for a Modern Proteus in the rules (they are the same). A Captain (proxy belial), Librarian and chaplain from 2nd edition.

I also have a OG DA dreadnought.

Ill be picking up another RT Raider, 2 more squads and 1 more Dread. (And missing pieces)

So this has another aspect other than nostalgia. I can still play this army within the current rules set, and that will be my intention. Updates to follow






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